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"Whatever asian style you want, you'll find it here."

If you're a sitemodel, a shop, or just a fan of someone cool: feel free to SUBMIT to this blog.
* If you qualify, we'll publish, but we reserve the right to edit posts.
* We're not looking for model-like beauty, we're looking for YOU and your style. Originality is the best.


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Hey there I noticed that you guys were looking for an admin and all for your tumblr? Just wondering first but, how does this blog work? If you saw nice pictures do you just reblog them? Or do you guys copy the image it and upload it and all? Sorry if that sounds abit out of line.

Well a lot of the pictures are reblogged because we don’t have enough originals. That’s why we want to change that. We want some *original* people to represent a type of fashion. And don’t worry, there’s always private answer if it’s really bad, which it isn’t :)

Yes, we want someone to help manage this blog and represent us.
Now, I have a friend who agreed to help with the representation after much threatening towards him or her, but we need volunteers!
I haven’t had anyone submit anything late, now I’m sorry I didn’t publish everything but some of the submissions weren’t really qualified. I know I am also not 100% active that’s why I need help. 
SO! I want to REMAKE this BLOG into an ACTIVE one like a magazine.

Editors (admins) and models are wanted. You get to promote yourself and your blog and write some tips, ideas, and just anything on this blog on a certain basis. AND you get to have FUN! Meet new people

Submit something if you’re interested or reblog :)! Help spread the word too!

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